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    Thursday, December 30, 2004

    A Disclaimer

    I realized after I hit post for that last one, I may get a lot of traffic from people googling "Lindsay Lohan's breasts". (And I, for one, would love to google her breasts, if you know what I mean.) So, if you've come here looking for Lindsay Lohan's breasts, or more pertinently, pictures of said breasts, you aren't going to find them. Sorry. Just crude jokes about them. And for my regular readers, I apologize for the crude jokes about Linday Lohan's breasts. I also apologize for saying Linday Lohan's breasts three more - oops - four more times, perhaps leading more people astray in their quest for pictures of Linday Lohan's breasts. And that mention there, which has the words "pictures of Lindsay Lohan's breasts" in that exact order, will probably prompt another ton of google searchers. Oh my. I best quit while I'm ahead, before I write something like naked pictures of Linday Lohan's breasts, which would only lead another group of teenage (or more accurately forty-year-old) males here. And some females as well. Cause I'm sure there are some females who would love to see hot pictures of Linday Lohan's naked breasts.

    Man, this is addicting.


    Kimmah said...

    that's waaaay better than the frequent search hit I used to get on my blog--aborobency+generic+tampons. Don't ask.

    greenman said...

    as of last night you were still not within the top 20 when googling, Lindsay Lohan's breasts. keep trying my friend keep the dream alive.

    Jolene said...

    It's no wonder many people are looking for her breasts. They've disappeared!

    Jolene said...

    Oh, and if you're worried, that link is fully decent.