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    Monday, October 22, 2007

    An Open Letter To The Woman Sweeping At The Tanger Outlet McDonald's This Afternoon

    You know, the thing that really ticked me off wasn't when you asked if my grandson and I were having a fun afternoon. While I don't think it's particularly exceptional, I know it is probably out of the ordinary for a 48-year old man to have a five-year old son. And there is certainly a ton of gray in my goatee and what there is of my hair. I wasn't pleased, mind you, but that isn't what really ticked me off. What really ticked me off is the fact that, after I icily said "He's my son" (and yes, it was icily) you didn't apologize and disappear. In fact, you stayed, without apology, and tried to engage us in conversation.

    Now, I realize that McDonald's doesn't really pay you friendly grandmother types to sweep the floor. You're there to be friendly, to make sure the customers are enjoying their individual McDonaldland experience. So engaging people in conversation is your real job. However, an important component of that job is realizing that there are some people who do not want to be engaged in conversation, particularly after you've semi-insulted them. I'm personally content sharing my McDonaldland experience only with my son, thank you, and don't feel the need to discuss the weather or the meal or our day with a total stranger. That you weren't able to figure this out, even after I replied to your offer to get us anything else with a dismissive "No thanks, we don't need anything from you" (and yes, it was dismissive), that you still tried to engage us in conversation after that, would suggest that you aren't that good at your job. So next time we come in, think twice about coming up to engage us in conversation.


    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Glen and Gary and Glen and Ross

    It's funny, but what might be the most famous scene from Glengarry Glen Ross isn't a part of the stage show. Mamet added the Alec Baldwin character specifically for the movie, and it ended up being the scene everyone remembers. Here's a nice little (NSFW) send-up (link via Ken Levine.)

    Directing this show for Dreamwell is easily among my list of favorite things I've done in the theatre. (The only thing I would rank higher was acting as Mr. Peachum in Threepenny. Being Elwood Dodd in Harvey rounds out my top three.) The cast was great, a true all-star team, and it was a blast to work with them and watch them and help them (not that they needed it). Here's a link to some photos from the production.

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Happy Birthday E!

    The cutest little boy in the world turned five today. Hard to believe it's been five years - seems like only yesterday he was born. To think that if he had been born a month earlier, he would have started school this year. Here are some recent photos, courtesy the Canon A630 (everyone should have one!).

    Okay, blogger is apparently having a problem with uploading images right now. So I'll get those later. In the meantime, it's enough to post to say


    Friday, October 05, 2007

    One Restaurant I Will No Longer Patronize

    Local tenderloin joint shut down due to roach infestation. Film at eleven, story at the PC.

    You know, I can understand that this is probably the death-knell for Joensy's, but this is funny nonetheless:

    Joens initially denied his restaurant had roaches, according to the report. Weber pointed out live roaches to which Brian Joens said he could not see them, according to the report. It wasn't until a box was moved and several roaches scrambled down the wall the Joens admitted to seeing them, the report stated.

    "Roaches? We ain't got no roaches here!" pause "Oh, those roaches!"