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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Dog Costume Time!

    Fall is in the air. The autumnal equinox is almost upon us. Football season is underway. The leaves are turning, and Halloween is just around the corner. And we all know what that means - dog costumes! Dog costumes are among the finer forms of comedy. Here we have a dog that was apparently eaten by Big Bird.

    Of course, eaten by Big Bird is a better fate than what Bert is seemingly doing to this dog.

    Moving on from Sesame Street, let's look at the Star Wars selections. Yoda and Leia are annual classics - and look how happy those pups are!

    Dog costume fever - catch it!

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Is Clumsiness Inherited?

    I was going to post on how one of the aspects of parenthood no one mentions is the way you start to see the potential in every single thing on the planet to maim or kill your child in some freakish accident. In trying to put together these thoughts, something occurred to me. See, I've had more than my fair share of freakish accidents in which I found some way to main myself. I put a hand through a screen door once, cutting it up pretty badly. I jumped onto a picnic table, slipped, and hit a nail that punctured my cheek. Once, while recreating Mt. Rushmore on a pile of dirt in the front yard, I slipped and cut my knee on a piece of metal the street workers had left. Those, and more, all happened before I had reached high school.

    These incidents have carried on into adulthood. I've had cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones. I've had stitches and casts. I almost choked to death in a restaurant kitchen when I was refilling a water softener and my tie got in the way of the rush of softener salt. And let's not get started on things that could have proved dangerous but somehow didn't. Like the time in high school when a group of us tried to see who could get the best-looking stunt man roll of the hood of a (slowly) moving car. My oldest nephew actually broke some bones doing that.

    So maybe it isn't that those worries are an aspect of parenthood for anyone. Maybe I'm just worried that E will turn out to be as accident-prone as myself. Here's hoping he isn't.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007


    Congrats to Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin, who recently got married in Portland, Oregon. Regular customers at Daydreams Comics, here in Iowa City, will recognize the couple as former Daydreams workers. What you might not know is that both of them have been doing work recently for Marvel. Colleen has drawn back-up stories in X-Men First Class, Paul has written some pieces for Spider-Man Family, and the two have a story written by Paul and drawn by Colleen coming up in October's Spider-Man Family. You two probably don't know me as Dweeze, but you might remember me as David. Congrats on the wedding and the career!

    Linkage Tweakage

    Did some major linkage updates - one thing I want to point out and the rest you can explore on your own, IF YOU DARE!

    Sorry. Got carried away. Anyway, a new link I want to point out. Matt's started a blog devoted to the Iowa City theatre scene called, appropriately enough, The Iowa City Theatre Blog. I'll be posting there from time to time.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    I Am Such A Geek

    The Iron Man trailer, debuting May 2, 2008

    Downey looks absolutely perfect. It's brilliant casting.

    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    You Tube Fun: Robot Chicken Star Wars Edition

    "Who's they? What the hell is an aluminum falcon?....Do you have any idea what this is going to do to my credit?"

    You Tube Fun: Pick 'Em Edition


    Or B?


    Or B?


    Or B?

    The correct answers are:

    A, B, A