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    Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Oh, And

    I'm also going to be messing with fonts and colors until I find one I really, really like. Can someone tell me if there is a way to set my choices as defaults?


    I've updated the links. Shifted some of the political ones around, dropped the baseball ones for now, and added a bunch of blogs from several friends. There are now four of us from our weekly poker group with blogs, so the whole world can shiver in anticipation that sometime we will have a hand by hand breakdown of one of our games spread across the Internet. I'm sure you all can hardly wait.

    Planning On Something?

    After God knows how many years of various bosses asking me, I finally broke down and ordered a Franklin Covey Planner. And it came in today! I am somebody! I AM SOMEBODY!

    Monday, November 29, 2004


    You know, something about stepping in at the last minute really feeds my ego. And I do have an ego. All people who are involved in theatre do, even the techies. But those of us who go out on stage have really big egos. But for me, getting asked to step in at the last minute, having people feel you are someone they can count on to nail it in a short period of time, feeds mine. My lines are about 85% - 90%, I feel pretty good about my song (more in a bit), and the director is trusting me to make my own movement choices. So it will be a short, pleasant gig.

    About the song. It’s a duet with my character’s son, the Prince, and it starts in a weird place. It’s right about the lower level of my range, and while I’ve been hitting the first night when I lead off the song, when I sing after the Prince has sung, it is taking me a note or two to get to the right place. I’m sure I can figure something out, but not sure yet what.

    And I like my voice. It’s a good musical theatre voice. I wish I auditioned better with it, although I wasn’t getting a good part in Guys and Dolls no matter what I did. Still, it didn’t help to blow the singing part of the audition.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    It's Good To Be The King Pt. II

    In addition to the King, I have also agreed to play Santa Clause for a post-play reception to be held after every performance. I’ve done the Santa gig before, and I like it. I’ll post pics when some are available.

    My first rehearsal went well last night. The part’s small, but has some funny gags. Also a duet with Prince. Sorry, with the Prince. Andrew (my soon to be seven-year-old stepson) will be playing the part of Cinderella’s coachman. No lines, just pushing the coach onstage and offstage. Cinderella is a very sweet, very attractive gal who I’ve worked with before (she was the Bride in Father Of The Bride last year) and Andrew was just enraptured with her. He followed her around, asking her questions, telling her about himself. On the way home from the theatre, she was all he could talk about. When he got home, she was all he could talk about with Lesa. “Guess what mom? I met a girl, and she’s only 18!” Elise (the actress) was really sweet with him, but I imagine it could get tiring.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    Going Live

    Okay, I'm going live. I mean live live. I posted the link on OT and will tell others that I'm open and ready for business. With any luck, that will force me to post more often. We'll see.

    It's Good To Be The King

    I don't know who dropped out, but I got a call last night asking if I would want to step into ICCT's production of Cinderella as the King. The show goes up in, oh, 11 days, but I said yes anyway. Or maybe I said yes because the show goes up in 11 days and I'm sure they didn't have many other options. It's Evie directing, and I like working with her, so it should be okay. Not sure who the rest of the cast is, though, or how heavy the part is. My first rehearsal will be tonight (which means DVR'ing The Amazing Race) so I'll find out then.

    Monday, November 22, 2004

    For Everyone Coming Over From OT

    Nothing to see here. Just move along and no one will get hurt.

    About That Prediction

    Ouch! My bad! I meant the other way around. Yeah, that's it!

    Monday, November 01, 2004

    My Prediction

    Kerry 52%
    Bush 46%
    Other 2%

    Kerry 315 Electoral Votes
    Bush 223 Electoral Votes