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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    World’s Most Dangerous Jobs (TV Division)

    The Fictional Character Occupational Health and Safety Administration (FCOSHA) announced the results of it’s latest occupational hazard survey. The survey, conducted once every three years, reviews the data to determine which fictional occupations are the most hazardous. In a stunning turn of events, the post which has held the top spot since the survey was implemented in the 1960s, Star Trek Away Team Member, has dropped to the number two position. The top spot is now held by CTU Los Angeles Field Ops Team Member. While going out in large groups of CTU Los Angeles Field Ops Team Agents is generally fairly safe, going out in a party of one or two, especially in the company of a lead CTU Agent such as Jack Bauer or Tony Almeda (or even, as was shown last night, Chloe O’Brien) is likely to prove fatal. A spokesman for the agent’s union said “We all dread getting the call to go out with Jack. I mean, the guy hacked off his daughter’s boyfriend’s hand! Who wants to partner with a guy like that?” Agent Bauer was unavailable for comment.

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