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    Monday, April 11, 2005

    This Post Has No Title

    I hate the Rod Stewart song Broken Arrow. I’ve never understood the line “Who else is going to bring you a broken arrow?” I mean, isn’t the correct answer to that one “Hopefully no one”. Who wants a broken arrow? But a thought occurred to me over the weekend. Perhaps the broken arrow isn’t really a broken arrow, but a metaphor for all those little things we like or dislike that nobody but the person closest to us knows about. Maybe the person being sung to really likes broken arrows for some reason, and the singer discovered that by chance, and so when he says “Who else is going to bring you a broken arrow?” what he’s really saying is “Who else is going to do the little things you love to have done that no one knows about?” That makes the song much deeper and much sadder, cause it seems like maybe the broken arrow recipient doesn’t appreciate the singer or is considering leaving the singer but in either event it seems that there is trouble in the relationship and the singer is trying to convey the message that he really does know the broken arrow recipient. But maybe he should just come out and say that instead of couching things in code terms like “broken arrow” or “a bottle of rain” that just make the broken arrow recipient go “WTF?” I think if the singer did that, these two crazy kids just might have a chance.

    And don’t get me started on the relationship problems of the couple in the Pina Colada Song...

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