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    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    When The Bradman Testifies

    As Kris at Random Mentality silently points out, Bradman has announced his candidacy for one of the at-large seats on the Iowa City City Council. Kris and I both met Bradman when we acted with him in ICCT’s production of Harvey a few years back. Bradman was the orderly, whose name escapes me at the present. Brad has a weekly television show on Thursday nights on Public Access TV and is the middle of the day DJ at KCJJ. It’s weird. Brad is basically an intelligent, funny, somewhat sensitive guy, but he has created this whole buffoonish Howard Stern-lite sleazoid personality for his radio and TV gigs. I think he might actually be good on the council, but I also wonder if it isn’t all a joke. It’s an elaborate one if it is, as he has an official Web site and a campaign blog where he discusses issues. On the other hand, check out the totally cheesy picture on this page.

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