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    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Republican Sex Junkies

    The Rude Pundit (caution: rudeness ahead) has a wonderful round-up of Republican kink, from bestiality (anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley), homosexuality (former Spokane Mayor Jim West), buggery/anal rape (W. David Hager, a Bush appointee to the FDA advisor committee on reproductive health drugs) to forced wife swapping and group sex (John Bolton).

    This exchange between Horsley and Alan Colmes from Colmes’ radio show is priceless:

    In the course of the interview, however, Colmes asked Horsley about his background, including a statement that he had admitted to engaging in homosexual and bestiality sex.

    At first, Horsley laughed and said, "Just because it's printed in the media, people jump to believe it."

    "Is it true?" Colmes asked.

    "Hey, Alan, if you want to accuse me of having sex when I was a fool, I did everything that crossed my mind that looked like I..."

    Alan Colmes: "You had sex with animals?"

    Neal Horsley: "Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule."

    AC: "I'm not so sure that that is so."

    NH: "You didn't grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?"

    AC: "Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?"

    NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality... Welcome to domestic life on the farm..."

    Colmes said he thought there were a lot of people in the audience who grew up on farms, are living on farms now, raising kids on farms and "and I don't think they are dating Elsie right now. You know what I'm saying?"

    Horsley said, "You experiment with anything that moves when you are growing up sexually. You're naive. You know better than that... If it's warm and it's damp and it vibrates you might in fact have sex with it."

    Wow. I guess the Republicans do have a big tent.

    They need it for all the animals…

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