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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    More Questions

    This time from Wheezy. See rules in prior posts.

    1. What is one major news story or world event that you recall clearly from your childhood, and how did it affect you?

    I remember the Kennedy assassination, because coverage of it pre-empted the Saturday morning Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    Hey. I was four.

    2. Deep down, are you more like Tom or Ian?

    I was going to say Tom because I’m 40, not early 20s, but even at Ian’s age I wouldn’t have let Tom and Kate send me on the guilt trip that Ian let them send him on. So Tom it is.

    3. What is your opinion on body piercing?

    Mine? No way. Lesa? Ears are okay, but it’s her choice. My kids? When they’re older, if that’s what they want, okay. Anyone else? It’s okay if that’s what you want.

    4. I overheard a conversation recently. Two people, both of whom were disgusted with Republicans and Democrats, suggested that maybe it was time for a third political party in America. How would you respond to this suggestion?

    Did you vote? Do you take part in the political process otherwise, by contacting party leaders or taking part in party meetings? Cause perhaps it would be better to attempt to influence the existing parties instead of creating something new. Oh, and finally, how can you really compare what the Republican party is doing with the Democratic party? The leadership of the Republican party (not Republicans themselves, mind you, but the leadership) is attempting to subrogate all the rights and responsibilities we have had since the founding of the country. The Democratic party is one of the few things standing in their way preventing the establishment of a theocracy.

    5. What would you consider to be the most dreadful occupation in the world, and why?

    Dog costume photographer.

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