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    Monday, March 07, 2005

    Why Yes. These Grapes Are Sour.

    Sometimes it’s about the greater good, and sometimes it’s personal. As many of you know, the Englert Gala Grand Opening was last week. Now, you would think that this might be a chance to bring together all the people who worked hard to purchase and open the facility. Like, oh, say the original board members. Or the original group of people who were involved before there was an original board. Like, oh, the original Secretary? But I know I didn’t get an invite, and I don’t know of any of the other originals who are no longer involved who did.

    But maybe this isn’t just personal. Maybe this is just another example of how the current Englert hierarchy is trying to move away from any connection with the original people and purpose of the theatre. Oh well. At least the Press Citizen is finally on that case. See Kris at Random Mentality, or wait for a post from me tomorrow, for more about that.

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