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    Monday, March 28, 2005


    I don’t mean the following as an exculpation for Mr. Bentley in any way, shape or form, or as a mitigation of the heinous nature of what he did or the need to ensure he is punished to the fullest extent of the law, but, at some point, isn’t one of your fundamental responsibilities as a parent to make sure that your daughter doesn’t come into contact with the registered sex offender, particularly when the registered sex offender is the brother of the guy who is already in jail for repeatedly abusing your daughter? I know the mother bears no legal responsibility for what happened, but doesn’t she on some level bear a moral responsibility? Can you construct any scenario where “leaving my previously abused daughter around the registered sex offender brother of the guy who abused her” moves out of the “Not A Chance In Hell” category into the “Maybe Just This Once” category? Shouldn’t this be grounds for at least a strong consideration of removing Jetseta’s younger brother from the home?

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