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    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    Linkage Changes

    Okay, made some major changes to the links. First, I renamed the first two categories Highly Recommended and Recommended. Masters and Pros just seemed a little, I don’t know, juvenile. Second, I moved Daily Kos from the Highly Recommended to the Recommended. This is due primarily to Kos’ unrelenting criticism of the Iowa caucuses. I’m planning a post on this later, although it may end up in my Post Parts Word file with some other things I’ve planned in the past.

    I’ve also taken out Pandragon and added Americablog, Steve Gilliard, and Arthur Silber. All three are good writers, though Americablog tends towards news and the other two towards commentary. Gilliard is on the left, Silber is a libertarian.

    Finally, I’ve removed Pooh (cause she never posts) and added Wheezy. She nice, the Wheezy. I've also added Survivor Thoughts, another blog I am a co-author on.

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