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    Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    More Movies

    Interesting news in the Press Citizen today. We’re getting more movie theatres.

    Moviegoers looking to catch a flick on the big screen could have more films to choose from at two shopping centers later this year, theater and mall officials said Tuesday.

    Tony Tillemans, vice president of St. Cloud, Minn.-based Cinema Entertainment Corp., said the plan is to add six screens to the Cinema 6 theater at Sycamore Mall and two at Coral Ridge Ten Theatres. CEC Theatres owns both complexes as well as Campus Theatres in Old Capitol Town Center.

    So far so good. But six paragraphs later we get the real reason for the increase.

    Tillemans said a goal is to play more popular movies at both theaters at the same time.

    Okay. So instead of, oh, four screens of Star Wars Episode Three: We’re Out Of Good Titles, we’d get eight screens? Great.

    But at least they said a goal, not the goal. So maybe we’ll get more first run lesser known films as well. That would be a good thing.

    For everyone but the Bijou, that is…

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