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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Dweeze's Fearless Oscar Predictions Part the Second

    Hi! It's me again, back with more Oscar predictions. Today we'll cover the awards too major to be considered minor, but too minor to be considered major. Once again, just the winners with light commentary.

    Documentary Feature:
    Sicko (Because it's Hollywood, and they're all liberals, dontcha know?)

    Documentary Short:
    Freeheld (Because I have no idea.)

    Animated Feature:
    Ratatouille (Although don't be surprised if Persepolis wins this solely because it wasn't nominated for Foreign Language Film.)

    Animated Short:
    Peter and the Wolf (Everyone loves Peter and the Wolf!)

    Foreign Language Film:
    12 (Again, no idea.)

    Okay, we've got the prelimaries out of the way. Tomorrow, the writing awards.

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