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    Friday, February 16, 2007

    New Template

    Okay, this is unrelated to my remark a few days ago about starting a new blog. That's still on the way. In the meantime, I finally took the plunge and updated my template to a new blogger template.

    Some thoughts:

    * Yes, that’s a big ass list of links. Yes, the new blogger does make adding and taking out links a lot easier. Yes, I tried to make it a comprehensive list of links I visit (or try to visit) on a regular basis. Yes, there are a couple of people left out who I regularly visit, but a: I wasn’t sure they wanted linkage or b: THEY NEVER POST! I’m looking at you, Greenman and Side Notes.

    * Yes, comments from earlier posts are gone. No, I don’t know where they went. Yes, I am sorry they are gone because there was occasionally something witty or pithy or interesting or heartfelt there.

    * Yes, it’s a lot of black space. Yes, we’ve come a long way from the green template (symbolizing corn, don’t ya know). No, I didn’t have as many template options because I want my links on the left, not the right, as all proper thinking Americans should.


    Jolene said...

    Oh my god, where am I????

    Also, I think when you switch to a new template, you lose all your added stuff like haloscan. You can probably add the code back by directly editing the template. However, if you keep the blogger comments, I think it will make it so that you have two comment links on each post, one haloscan, one blogger (because while you can turn off the blogger comments selectively, you can't do so with haloscan, I don't think).

    If you are really ambitious (or, more accurately, obsessive-compulsive) like me, you can go through your haloscan comments and paste each one into the blogger comments on the old posts, so that you still have all your old comments. Of course, I did that when I didn't have that many, so it wasn't too daunting - yours might take a lot longer since you've had haloscan for a lot longer.

    Also, left-side linking roolz!!! Don't be a h8tr!!!! (Ow, that hurt to type.)

    And I read your tags. Because I care.

    Jolene said...

    Wait, I meant right-side linking roolz. Fuck.

    Jolene said...

    One more thing. Your links are the same color as the rest of the text, so you can't tell they're links. Probably should change one of the colors so you can see them (not a problem for things like the comment links, which are obvious but if you have links in the middle of the text, you won't be able to tell).

    Dweeze said...

    Well, yes, you do. But no one else does.

    I thought I had the links as different colors. I'll change that.

    Jolene said...

    It's certainly possible they were different, but just not different enough. Also I could be colorblind. I don't know. But looks good now.

    Landru said...

    I like it. A lot, actually. I just got around to surfing completely enough to see it, which is entirely my bad, but I do like it.