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    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Batman Begins - Thoughts

    This is a great film. This is a stunning film. This is the most perfectly realized comic book film ever. As much as I loved the two Burton films, I recognized after watching Batman Begins that Burton's films owe far more allegiance to the tv show than to the original source material. Would it really be that jarring to have a huge *BAM* or *POW* appear onscreen when Nicholson's Joker or DeVito's Penguin makes an appearance? Batman Begins, on the other hand, is a graphic novel brought to screen. The strength of the film is grounding it in a real world - I found Gotham much more effective as a real city than as the construct Burton made it. (And again, much more in line with the original source material.) The casting was excellent, other than Katie Holmes, and the problem with Katie wasn't so much the casting as the fact that, with the exceptions of Leslie Thompkins and Renee Montoya, there aren't any interesting non-costumed women in the Bat Universe.

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