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    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    24 This And That

    To me, this from the 24 Insider, who was able to accurately spoil every episode at least one week before it aired, just screams David Palmer dying in a bombing at the UN.

    I’m hearing that the season will start off with the terrorist bombing of a “high-value target”. It’s unclear if the high-value target is a person or a building but it's looking more and more like a combination of both a prominent building and a high-ranking government official who will be among the many killed in the terrorist attack. There are several other scenarios I’ve heard rumblings about and every single one of them has the same concept of a terrorist bombing of a building with extremely strong international ties. They are also thinking about bringing back a former character to be among the many dead in the massive explosion.

    It makes sense that they would kill Palmer – he is the toughest character to figure out a way to work into the plot, and yet a character people will always demand to see. At the UN, or some other international target, makes sense because the best way to bring Jack Bauer back, and resolve the issue of the Chinese, is to make it so Jack has to SAVE THE WORLD!

    Also, in today’s Ask Ausiello column in TV Guide, it is revealed that a scene was filmed where Behrooz was found alive and the script originally had Michelle committing suicide when she thought Tony had died. The latter fact led Ausiello to comment that Tony and Michelle would be coming back next year.

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