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    Saturday, January 05, 2008

    Police Charge Man Hit By Train With Vandalism

    From the Press-Citizen:

    Iowa City Police filed charges Thursday against an Iowa City man who was struck by a train in September.

    Officers found Shane Michael Stange, 20, under the lead engine of the train when they arrived at the scene Sept. 9. After being extracted, Stange allegedly told officers he had fallen asleep on the tracks when walking home. However, crew members from the train said that when they spotted Stange lying on the tracks, they sounded their horn and he looked up but refused to move. The 9,200-ton train had to make an emergency stop but still struck Stange, causing minor injuries.

    Police said Stange had a strong odor of alcohol and slurred his speech when officers spoke to him about the incident. Stange was not charged at the time and instead was taken to the hospital for treatment. On Dec. 17, an officer involved with the incident completed charges for public intoxication and seventh-degree railroad vandalism and a warrant was issued.
    (Emphasis added.)

    Okay. I get the public intox. But vandalism? Because he didn't move when he heard the train whistle?

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