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    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Republican Profiles In Courage

    I’ve been avoiding politics lately because, well, there are so many others who do it better. Why repeat what everyone else is saying? Still, sometimes, something comes up that is so perfect in its absurdity that you have to comment.

    Case in point: Last week, Senator John McCain (R-Pandering) declared that the recent troop surge was a success and told radio host and degenerate gambler William Bennett (R-Hypocrisy) that there are neighborhoods in Baghdad where “you and I could walk” today. McCain took quite a beating for those comments, and to prove his detractors wrong, he went to Baghdad and took a walk yesterday, afterwards stating at a press conference that his visit was proof that you could walk freely in some areas of Baghdad.

    Here’s the thing. McCain was joined on his little stroll by 100 American soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships.

    John. I’ve got some straight talk for you. (Ha. No one else will use that joke. And if they do, they owe me royalties!) If you need 10 soldiers and one helicopter to accompany you on a walk, you aren’t walking freely. If you need 100 soldiers and five helicopters, then you’re putting American lives at risk to prove a talking point that was immediately disproved by the fact that you needed 100 soldiers and five helicopters to make the walk.

    He sure looked cute in the bulletproof vest, though.

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    Kimmah said...

    yeah, sounds just like a trip to my local Kroger, there, John Boy.

    He's becoming more of a doddering old fool every day.