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    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    The Never-Ending Pool

    So, I'm flipping channels this afternoon, and briefly land on a commercial for the Never Ending Pool. This is a pool with a huge pump that constantly forces water at you, making you continually swim forward or else get pushed to the end of the pool. You can swim laps forever, never hitting the end of the pool. Unless, of course, you are Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

    Prince Namor scoffs at your never-ending pool

    I'm just about to switch to another station when, in the middle of the testimonials, a woman says
    "It's just like having a treadmill in your basement!"

    The hell?

    A 15-foot, $5,000 swimming pool is just like having a treadmill? Except for the whole, well, almost $5,000 cheaper and staying dry thing, maybe. Maybe.

    I mean, is that really the pitch that's going to convince a skeptical buyer that the never-ending pool is for them? "Well, I was doubtful, but, man, if it's just like that treadmill I could buy for a couple hundred, I'm in!"

    I went into the wrong field.

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    josh said...

    Can you tell me when you saw that commercial and what station? My name is J. my email address is