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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    New Used Car

    The replacement for the dead 1995 BMW 530i? A 1990 BMW 750i with fewer miles than the 1995 when we got it in 2002. It's in great, great condition - I had it checked out before purchasing, and the price was a reasonable $6,000. Let's face it - the only way I am ever going to afford a $70,000 car is to buy it when it's 17 years old.

    The 7 series is a significantly bigger model than the old car, so those who rode in the old car, and who will probably ride in it again (I'm looking at you, Greenman) will have a lot more room. Which, considering the old car was fairly spacious, is saying a lot. It also has a huge engine - it's a frickin' 12-cylinder! It's also jet black, just like the old car, and has the same basic shape.

    See ya on the road!


    Sharron Folkes said...
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    Nicole said...

    One of the things that stand out in the BMW 750i is its big 5.0 liter V12 engine. It’s the heart that drives this incredible machine. Despite that, it is very smooth and quiet to drive compared with the 6-cylinder model. It is one of the most reliable cars my dad has ever driven. Great choice!

    >Nicole Vickers