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    Sunday, July 31, 2005

    Random TV Thoughts

    Do you suppose Iron Chef Morimoto wanted to slug that smug woman on Iron Chef America who just complained that his sashimi wasn't "traditional" enough? "I had to hear that carp every week on the old show, which by the way was tons better than this one, and now I have to hear it from you Ms. Whitebread? Asshat."

    Lee Iacocca? Does Chrysler really think the answer to their flagging car sales is reanimating his corpse and throwing it on TV? Who the fuck is their target audience - folks jonesing for a "Murder She Wrote-Matlock" reunion special?

    And while we're at it, did Jason Alexander lose a bet with someone? I can't believe he's co-starring with Lee in one of those Chrysler commercials for the money - his grandkids' grandkids will be living off the Seinfeld cash. No, there's either a wager or photos involved.

    Finally, are car manufacturer's really incapable of getting one idea out of the industry at a time? First it was zero financing, now it's the "employee discount for everyone". And no, adding special bonus cash back to the employee discount for everyone does not radically alter the sameness of the deal. Maybe we need to spend a little more on the promotions budget so we are leading, not following, Mmmkay?

    Well, that's all for now - back to playing poker.

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