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    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Neocon Delusions

    Interesting column
    by a former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Here’s a key paragraph:

    America has blundered into a needless and dangerous war, and fully half of the country's population is enthusiastic. Many Christians think that war in the Middle East signals "end times" and that they are about to be wafted up to heaven. Many patriots think that, finally, America is standing up for itself and demonstrating its righteous might. Conservatives are taking out their Vietnam frustrations on Iraqis. Karl Rove is wrapping Bush in the protective cloak of war leader. The military-industrial complex is drooling over the profits of war. And neoconservatives are laying the groundwork for Israeli territorial expansion.

    Read the whole thing though. I’ll be commenting more later.

    Courtesy Altercation. (See link at right.)

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