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    Monday, November 29, 2004


    You know, something about stepping in at the last minute really feeds my ego. And I do have an ego. All people who are involved in theatre do, even the techies. But those of us who go out on stage have really big egos. But for me, getting asked to step in at the last minute, having people feel you are someone they can count on to nail it in a short period of time, feeds mine. My lines are about 85% - 90%, I feel pretty good about my song (more in a bit), and the director is trusting me to make my own movement choices. So it will be a short, pleasant gig.

    About the song. It’s a duet with my character’s son, the Prince, and it starts in a weird place. It’s right about the lower level of my range, and while I’ve been hitting the first night when I lead off the song, when I sing after the Prince has sung, it is taking me a note or two to get to the right place. I’m sure I can figure something out, but not sure yet what.

    And I like my voice. It’s a good musical theatre voice. I wish I auditioned better with it, although I wasn’t getting a good part in Guys and Dolls no matter what I did. Still, it didn’t help to blow the singing part of the audition.

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    Kimmah said...

    It's times like this that I contemplate a road trip to Iowa. I'd love to see you on stage!!!!!