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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    From The Headlines Of The Iowa City Press Citizen!!!!!

    Man Arrested For Violating No Contact Order, Throwing Glass - Yes, nothing helps you get that deferred judgment quite like violating the restraining order. Idiot. 

    Winning Lottery Ticket Talk Of The Town In Swisher - It's not like theres a lot of other things to talk about in Swisher. Idiots.

    Ugly Sweaters In Vogue At Christmas - Yes, because the kids at Regina are such style mavens. Idiot kids. 

    Hawks Drop Badgers - What is this, National Geographic? Idiot Badgers.


    Buggy said...

    I don't own a Xmas sweater, because they are all ugly.

    Have a Merry one, Dweeze!

    Puffy said...

    I have two Hanukah sweatshirts, that say:

    Oy to the World
    Happy Hanukah

    Save a tree
    Celebrate Hanukah