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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Watching Ethan Grow

    From the home office in North Liberty, Iowa, my Top 10 favorite things to hear an almost three-year-old say.

    • 10. Juice Box The sing-songy way he says it is so cute.

    • 9. That is mine! I never would have dreamed a child that young could say something with indignation, but he can.

    • 8. Spleen! Have you seen the new Nicktoon Catscratch? It's from that.

    • 7. Carry you I think this derives from being asked "Do you want me to carry you?" Used on those rare occasions when he wants to be carried someplace. It's sad for me to think those days are almost over.

    • 6. Again Used when he wants to do something over again, such as

    • 5. Rosies Ring around the rosies. His mother taught him it, and he loves it.

    • 4. That funny Used when something funny happens on TV.

    • 3. Silly Drew Used when his older brother does something to make him laugh.

    • 2. Daddy what doing? This one seems pretty self-explanatory. It's a recent addition, though.

    • 1. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! He screams this when I come to pick him up at daycare everyday. He is so happy when he says it. It's nice to know my presence can bring such pure joy to him.

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