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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Some Songs For An Unbelievably Crappy Tuesday Evening

    (Note: Blogger wouldn't post this last night. I'm not quite at the same place I was when I did this, but I'll post it anyway. Just for the historical record, ya know?)

    I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall

    It's time to let you go
    It's time to say goodbye
    There's no more excuses
    No more tears to cry

    There's been so many changes
    I was so confused
    All along you were the one
    All the time I never knew

    I want you to be happy
    You're my best friend
    But it's so hard to let you go now
    All that could have been

    I'll always have the memories
    She'll always have you
    Fate has a way of changing
    Just when you don't want it to

    Throw away the chains
    Let love fly away
    Till love comes again
    I'll be okay

    Life passes so quickly
    You gotta take the time
    Or you'll miss what really matters
    You'll miss all the signs

    I've spent my life searching
    For what was always there
    Sometimes it will be too late
    Sometimes it won't be fair

    Throw away the chains
    Let love fly away
    Til love comes again
    I'll be okay

    I won't give up
    I won't give in
    I can't recreate what just might have been
    I know that my heart will find love again
    Now is the time to begin

    Throw away the chains
    Let love fly away
    Til love comes again
    I'll be okay

    Try and Love Again - Eagles

    When you're out there on your own
    Where only memories can find you
    Like a circle goes around
    You were lost until you found out
    What it all comes down to

    One by one
    The lonely feelings come
    Day by day,
    They slowly fade away

    Ooh, the look was in her eyes
    You never know what might be found there
    She was dancing right in time
    And the look she gave so fine
    Like the music that surrounds her

    Should I stay or go?
    I really want to know
    Will I lose or win
    If I try and love again?

    Oh, gonna try and love again
    Oh, I'm gonna try and love again

    Right or wrong, what's done is done
    It's only moments that we borrow
    But the thoughts will linger on
    Of the lady and her song
    When the sun comes up tomorrow

    Well, it might take years to see
    Through all these tears
    Don't let go
    When you find it you will know

    Oh, Gonna try and love again
    Oh, gonna try and love again

    Sometimes you lose,
    Sometimes you win,
    Sometimes you need a friend

    Gonna try, gonna try
    Gonna try, gonna try

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