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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Dweeze's Deep Thoughts

    Saw a Sports Center broadcast this morning on the Roger Clemens affair thing, and in the clip Clemens was shown climbing into his Humvee and driving off away from the media. This confirmed a long-time pet theory of mine, that there are only two reasons to buy a Humvee – 1. You’ve got a military, 2. You’re an asshole. I think we can safely assume Roger Clemens does not have a military.

    (Note: I don’t like using the word “Hummer” to describe the vehicle, because I don’t think a wonderful, beautiful thing like a hummer should be dragged through the mud that way. More importantly, writing “buy a Hummer” makes me giggle uncontrollably.)


    Jolene said...

    You forgot the old standby, compensation. Although I suppose that could be considered a subset of "asshole."

    I see so many of those things in my neighborhood. Not entirely surprising, given all the Republicans, who probably wish they had their own military, and are almost certainly assholes. Anyway, they are hideous.

    Nelle said...

    Hey jolene!!! Don't paint us all with the same brush. Ya know, everyone has an asshole and has the potential of acting as such.

    Dweeze, you make me laugh. ;-)

    Landru said...

    You could just say "I want a Hummer" and leave it at that.