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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    You Tube Fun: F**king Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Edition

    I don't think Sarah Silverman is as funny as she thinks she is, and I don't think Jimmy Kimmel is as funny as he thinks he is. But these? These are both hilarious.

    And incredibly not safe for work.


    Kimmah said...

    I love Matt Damon about 100x more than I did before this video. He makes me laugh with his earnestness in his singing. I like the surprise factor of Sarah's more so than Jimmy's, but I have to give props to J. for snagging Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle w/ Robin Williams. I was watching Kimmel when it aired (the first time I've everwatched that show, fwiw) and I was gobsmacked when Harrison Ford blew the kiss.

    David said...

    Are you fucking Matt Damon?

    Matt said...

    Those were the fucking funniest videos I have ever seen.

    meemo said...

    Saw these the other day... hilarious. And FWIW, I'm not f**king either one of them.

    Sasha said...

    I have to admit to being a closet Sarah Silverman fan. I wasn't so nuts about her TV show but love her doing standup. That said, Jimmy won when he snagged Don Cheadle and Josh Groban.

    I am waiting for the response. Because I can't imagine that Sarah can let it stand.