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    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    More Open Letters

    To The Lady In The Silver Gray Corolla In Front Of Me At The 965-Commerce Drive Intersection:

    If the light turns yellow and the rear tires of your car are already in the intersection, you don't have to stop. Indeed, at that point it's probably for the best that you keep going forward, because the person behind you waiting at the light has probably A: seen the light turn yellow, B: seen your car in the intersection, C: assumed that you weren't some sort of idiot who was going to hit the brakes and back up out of the intersection and therefore D: gunned it in order to make it through the yellow light, thus resulting in a near collision.


    The Guy Who Almost Rammed Your Car This Afternoon

    1 comment:

    K said...

    Now Dweeze, you know they say about assume don't you ;-) Glad you did not collide with the idiot.