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    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    True Tales of the Drive-through

    Overheard at the Arby's drive-through today:

    Employee: What kind of shake sir?

    Customer: Uhm. Uhm. Do you mean flavor?

    Employee: Yes sir. What flavor of shake.

    Customer: Oh. Uhm. Uhm.

    Employee: We have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and right now banana.

    Customer: Uhm. Uhm. What were they again?

    Employee: They're listed on the menu board right beside you sir.

    Customer: Uhm. Okay. Uhm. Just give me the first one.

    Employee: Chocolate sir?

    Customer: Sure.

    This has been another edition of True Tales of the Drive-through!


    Nelle said...

    That's a good one. I was in a car with one of my sisters and she announced at the drive thru speaker that this order was a to-go order.

    Well DUH!

    Jolene said...

    At first I thought you were the customer in this conversation, and I got a little worried.