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    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Linkage and Contests and Games, Oh My!

    I’ve played around a little with the linkage. Added some, dropped others, added a new category – Games and Other Contests. This was prompted by a Press-Citizen article yesterday about a new predictive market established by some City High grads. The market, Media Predict, is run much like the granddaddy of all online predictive markets, the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Upon registering, you are given $5,000 in play money to purchase stocks in future media events. These include whether or not certain artists will receive record deals, whether or not certain books will be optioned, and whether or not a movie will gross a certain amount opening weekend. I’ve opened an account, and would love to have anyone join me who is interested. I’d also love to get a group of folks starting Hollywood Stock Exchange accounts at the same time. Who's with me?


    Kimmah said...

    i am. i'll have to read the directions again and see if i can blunder through it, but i'm all about the games this summer.

    i miss you, dood.

    stinski said...

    Hey guys --

    Love to have ya. Hope you sign up.

    -- Brent