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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Notes From The News

    Just a couple of tidbits from today's Press Citizen:

    Man escapes police by crawling out of squad car window

    While under arrest Monday night, Kenneth Charles Cannon, 47, of Coralville, performed a disappearing act by squeezing through the rear window of a squad car.

    When pulled over, police said Cannon was wearing a wig to hide his identity. He also “reeked” of alcohol and refused to take blood-alcohol tests at the scene, police said. Cannon was searched, handcuffed and placed in the rear of a patrol car. However, Cannon somehow rolled the rear window down, crawl through it and stumble from the car, police said. Officers found him trying to hide behind a small tree and he was taken back into custody.

    Guess you could say he was a loose Cannon.

    Hundreds of people waited over night for new Buffalo Wild Wings to open so they could get free chicken wings for a year

    Their friend, Mike Hanson, 19, of North Liberty showed up several hours later to take a spot for someone else who had to leave the line for work.

    All three said they would definitely brave the cold again, but not just for the free Buffalo wings, Hanson said.

    "To tell our kids 20 years from now that we were here the day it opened," Hanson said.

    Okay, Mike, maybe you were being ironic and it didn't come through in the article. But if you are, please not that your kids? Are not going to give a fuck that you waited in line all night just to get free chicken wings for a year.

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