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    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Meme Time

    I don't usually do the Meme thing, but this was kinda fun. It's courtesy Side Notes, who got it from 2 Hot Chicks, who got it from someplace.

    Type “(Your name) Needs” into Google and list the results. Here are some of what I go:

    Some are concerned about my health and well being

    David needs a liver.
    David needs help with his medication
    David needs to protect himself
    David needs to lose weight and build muscle
    David needs a Tylenol
    David needs a break

    Some are worried about my personal hygiene

    David needs a bath
    David needs a new makeover and he asks you to help

    Some sound like a performance review

    David needs to show some evidence to support this
    David needs to give more attention to making the team successful
    David needs to see if he can get practical support
    David needs help in dealing with his difficulties with comprehension

    Still others can’t really be classified

    David needs a family that would be willing to love and care for David
    David needs three
    David needs to relax when the music calls for it
    David needs lots of attention
    David needs to know who you are
    David needs to consistently finish in the top five each race
    David needs to collect five smooth stones in the stream

    But in the end it doesn’t really matter, because as we all know:

    David needs no introduction

    (Note: I got no results with "Dweeze needs". So I had to go with my real name.)

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