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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    To Establish Network Connectivity...

    Yesterday afternoon I submitted a 102 page document that was completed in a little over two week’s time. Don’t get me wrong: while I oversaw completion of the document, I didn’t write the whole thing. But I easily wrote about 60-70 pages of it. Of that, 20-25 pages were from scratch. The rest were boilerplate passages I modified to fit the needs of the document. So as I sit here today, with no current assignment other than waiting to see if there are questions about the document, I am feeling a great deal of relief. I am also feeling a great sense of wonder about the fact that so much has sunk in over the years regarding telecommunications, network security, business continuity/disaster recovery, and contact center operations. Obviously, having that knowledge doesn’t add to my popularity at parties, but it does make doing my job a hell of a lot easier.

    Anyway, just wanted everyone to know I had time on my hands again, so look for more posts.

    Oh, and FYI. Everytime I have to work a passage that talks about the inserting department in our warehouse, and the fact that some packages have to be processed by manual fulfillment, I giggle like a little girl.

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